GATEWAY TO MASTERY® is an unconventional “classroom up” approach to school improvement that overcomes the challenges of planning, implementing and monitoring improvement. It is a philosophy, not an add-on program, that systematically and systemically accelerates any school improvement efforts, from kindergarten through graduate programs.

Our professional development focuses on how to:

  • Improve the culture and processes of the district, school and classroom.
  • Improve student knowledge, performance and enthusaism.
  • Develop assessments, evaluation tools and data collection for learning.

The three disciplines of GATEWAY TO MASTERY® – Culture Mastery™, Knowledge Mastery™ and Performance Mastery™ – facilitate your goals. These disciplines interact, interrelate and are interdependent within the school: working together to create sustainable improvement.

  • Empowerseveryone to participate in the school improvement processes by transforming them from reactionary subjects, to creative partners in improvement.
  • Enlightens-everyone by collecting and utilizing process data to monitor school improvement and learning progress, while providing insights to focus efforts throughout the year.
  • Engagesindividuals by interacting with their own data, helping them understand where they are and where they need to improve.

GATEWAY TO MASTERY® is based on the Quality Management/Continuous Improvement philosophy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. His Quality Management theories were adapted to educational organizations in the early 1990s and pioneered in classrooms by Jeff Burgard and his colleagues later that decade.

GATEWAY TO MASTERY® integrates Quality Management with Systems Thinking, child psychology and cognitive theory as well as brain and assessment research into one integrated philosophy. This well researched, easy to master, practical shift from tradition dramatically impacts education’s bottom line: student learning and enthusiasm.

GATEWAY TO MASTERY® has helped districts win
State Quality and National Baldrige in Education Awards