About us

RAY_1488Jeff Burgard is a National Board Certified Science Teacher and an engaging international presenter. He has been involved in teaching science for over 20 years, with remarkable success in boosting student motivation and achievement in his science classes. He has taught elementary and high school students, but has spent most of his career in middle schools. From 1991- 2002, he taught in California where he applied Quality Management Principles in public and charter school classrooms in all subject areas. In 1999 he wrote Continuous Improvement in the Science Classroom and from 2002-2008 he traveled extensively within and outside the country to work with other teachers. He has conducted workshops and seminars in 27 states and five countries and helped public, private, charter and home school environments  align standards based assessment, increase student learning and enthusiasm as well as improve organizational practices through GATEWAY TO MASTERY®. In 2008, he went back into the classroom full time. He now teaches 8th grade science near Seattle, Washington as well as conducts workshops in the summers and during breaks.



 “Lots of valuable ideas for incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards in our science instruction. A very valuable day!

 “Very good, practical, easy-to-implement ideas without having to change everything!”

 “Thanks for the many ideas for engaging students in their learning by involving them in tracking and analyzing their own learning data!”

 “Jeff did a great job of introducing new ideas and providing practical models!”

 “Great balance of enthusiasm and pragmatism in the working reality of the classroom!”

 “Jeff’s ideas and methods provide a specific way to improve learning and enthusiasm!”

 Amazing instructional techniques and real examples from Jeff’s own science classes!”

 “Thank you so much for showing, teaching and sharing the importance of joyous learning – I’m ready!”

 “Jeff gave me a wealth of things to use!”

 “It’s great to hear from an actual science teacher who is in the classroom on a daily basis!”

 “Thanks for the seminar! It has significantly changed my attitude about my classroom and state standards!”

 Straightforward, well-designed, well-researched, and non-fadish ideas!

 “Jeff’s ideas will enable me to increase student academic performance and simultaneously improve student motivation for learning!”