Culture Mastery


Students begin their education with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, yet by eighth grade they are at the bottom of a downward slide in enthusiasm. What is to blame and how do we reverse the downward slide of enthusiasm?

“Culture Mastery has been my favorite part of the Gateway to Mastery program because it gets to the heart and soul of the classroom and school – relationships and school culture.” Teacher, Arkansas

Culture Mastery is a foundational workshop that establishes a culture of Quality Management/Continuous Improvement in the classroom.

  • Creates an understanding of the classroom as a system
  • Models a management style that removes barriers and fear to manage people and learning – not just behavior
  • Develops common aims for the classroom
  • Establishes core values to move away from an extrinsic consequence based classroom
  • Enables teachers to break out of the limiting “Plan Do” mentality and utilize feedback loops for improvement
  • Shows what data to collect and utilizes data to monitor progress and improve in any aspect of the classroom
  • Enables teachers and administrators to monitor and document student, class and school progress
  • Utilizes an effective method to collect the input and feedback necessary to to create an environment most conducive to learning
  • Allows teachers and students to test hypothesis for improvement
  • Establishes and maintains better relationships with students through building mutual trust
  • Engages students as partners in the classroom improvement process
  • Utilizes good psychology to restore and maintain student enthusiasm

Culture Mastery allows teachers gets to the heart and soul of why they started teaching in the first place – helping students improve.

“This has changed my way of thinking. There is emotion and feeling behind the data.” TeacherTexas

Teachers will be able to:

  • Understand their classroom as a system
  • Manage with Knowledge
  • Establish a common Aim and Core Values
  • Gather and utilize feedback
  • Monitor enthusiasm and perceived learning
  • Improve the classroom culture with students
  • Access Web-based Tool-Kit

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