Performance Mastery

590045.tifWhen it comes to student performance, teachers typically ask these five questions:

  • How can I put standards in a student friendly language?
  • What will indicate if students have met standard?
  • What does high quality look like?
  • How will students and teachers evaluate and measure performance?
  • How will students and teachers use data and feedback to drive instruction?

“This is the first time I am more of a facilitator than a dictator! The students are enthusiastic, engaged, and completely in charge of their learning.”  Teacher, Texas

Performance Mastery helps answer these questions by creating a learning system, based in Quality Management/Continuous Improvement.Techniques learned in this workshop are:

  • Develop an understanding of how to use student performance to gain insights in to what to improve
  • Monitor progress on student performance
  • Engage students in designing clear evaluation tools
  • Communicate performance learning goals
  • Improve students’ meta-cognitive skills through the practice of self-assessment
  • Enable students to engage in their own learning progress data, so they see exactly what to work on
  • Allow intrinsic motivation
  • Encourage students and teachers to generate and test hypothesis about their learning and performance
  • Utilize process data to monitor progress and drive learning for students, classes and schools
  • Enable teachers and administrators to monitor and document student, class and school progress
  • Build a team atmosphere as everyone works together to improve learning
  • Save time
  • Allow more responsive teaching
  • Create formative and authentic, standards based summative performance assessments
  • Celebrate learning

No matter what the subject area, Performance Mastery is the key to improving student performance and achieving “J-Curve” results.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Understand their classroom as a system
  • Manage with Knowledge
  • Develop standards based performance assessments
  • Create clear objective evaluation tools
  • Empower students to accurately self-assess
  • Enable students to collect and use data from their own performance
  • Use class assessment data to identify strengths and weaknesses to drive instruction
  • Access Web-based Tool-Kit

“ …students are then involved as much as the teacher. Just because it works for the teaching, does not mean it works for the learning.”  Student, California

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