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CI ScienceJeff Burgard has updated his book, Continuous Improvement in the Science Classroom, originally published in 1999. The second edition (published in 2008) incorporates the original content with experience from workshop facilitation and experimentation in his own classroom. It is a practical, common sense adaptation of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s proven theories from Quality Management for classroom use.

This book forms the basis of GATEWAY TO MASTERY. Written specifically as a “how to” book, this easy-to-read reference is full of first hand stories and wonderful science examples, and is of great value to teachers in all curricular areas and grade levels. It may be purchased through American Society for Quality.



Tool-Kits are a collection of highly adaptable 8.5″x11″ charts and graphs that give administrators, teachers and students all the tools they need to implement any discipline of GATEWAY TO MASTERY.
(Included, and available exclusively, with site-based workshops and institutes)

Essential Knowledge Resource™(EKR) – (Not currently available)
EKR is an expansive collection of information created and designed to support Knowledge Mastery™. This web-based resource gives teachers the essential knowledge needed to build standards-based “Knowledge Maps™” that are adaptable to any state’s requirements. It is continually updated and expanded and includes student run charts. Contact us for pricing, availability and a preview.

Progress Workbook™
Now, for those who need an easy first step into data management, we have developed a preformatted, secure Microsoft® Excel® workbook that will automatically create individual and class graphs. The Progress Workbook™ will manage data for up to seven classes of 35 students as well as create cumulative and comparative graphs for all classes or subject areas. Currently, it is set up for the Knowledge Mastery™ process, as well as criteria based performance assessments. Useful for elementary through graduate school, it can be purchased as a school license or by individual teachers. Contact us for a preview, pricing and availability.

Blank Class Run Chart
The blank run chart is designed for all disciplines of GATEWAY TO MASTERY. This simple design provides the perfect framework to monitor any group’s progress data and provide the insights necessary for improvement. The 18” x 24” size fits well on any wall and when laminated, may be used year after year.
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Enthusiasm/Learning Graph
The Enthusiasm/Learning Graph is an innovative visual method to obtain data about your learning culture. Designed to support Culture Mastery™, the 20” x 20” size gives quick feedback about participant perceptions related to training, activities, units or culture. When laminated, it may be used year after year.
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Blank Scatter Diagram
The blank scatter diagram is an innovative visual method to obtain comparative data about any situation in the classroom or organization. Designed to support any discipline of GATEWAY TO MASTERY, the 20” x 20” size gives quick feedback on group perceptions, which lead to insights necessary to begin, or continue, improvement processes. When laminated, it may be used year after year.
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