Professional Development

Jeff Burgard of J.J. Burgard & Associates, Inc. facilitates professional development in GATEWAY TO MASTERY®. Workshops are primarily site-based and offer a comprehensive approach to school improvement by addressing the structural, cognitive and affective domains of learning and organizational progress through three disciplines: Culture Mastery™, Knowledge Mastery™ and Performance Mastery™. All workshops begin by applying Systems Thinking to the district, school or classroom and establishing Management with Knowledge: a non traditional management style that removes blame and puts the focus on improving the system.

Each workshop is custom-tailored to your school improvement plan.
Workshops combine modeling, practice, lecture, discussions, group work and activities.

  • Individual workshops are available as one or two-day sessions and combinable into multi-day sessions.
  • In-depth analysis of the training and the information needed to move your staff forward is provided.
  • Participant learning data and feedback is collected during the workshop to demonstrate the training’s effectiveness and perceived barriers to implementation.
  • Pre and post workshop surveys are conducted to establish current reality, evaluate implementation, indicate barriers and identify improvements.

Tool-Kit – Full-day individual workshops and multi-day workshops include access to web-based Tool-Kits. Tool-Kits provide the tools and resources participants need to implement the techniques learned.

Supporting the workshop:
Development assistance –Teachers need time to develop and synthesize what they have learned. We help your staff with putting it all together.
Classroom assistance – We model the processes with students in their own classrooms.

Extending knowledge:
Leadership – Now that your staff understands the basic theory and techniques in any of the three Disciplines, we take participants deeper to help them understand and apply advanced learning system leadership tools and techniques.

This four to five-day experience immerses participants in GATEWAY TO MASTERY® as students, allows practice of the techniques as teachers and provides the time to plan and prepare for the coming year. We are looking to add more regional institutes as the demand increases.

GATEWAY TO MASTERY® workshops can play an integral role in school improvement and accreditation through Advanc-Ed’s Breakthrough School Improvement and District Accreditation. Contact us for a chart that shows how we support these school improvement plans.

Baldrige for Education

GATEWAY TO MASTERY® workshops support improvement efforts measured with this comprehensive evaluation tool. Contact us for a chart that details how we may help support your Baldrige journey.

National Teaching Standards
GATEWAY TO MASTERY® helps teachers meet the standards set forth in the national teaching standards for each curricular area. Contact usfor a document that shows how.

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