Mastering the Next Generation Science Standards

Specifically Designed for Educators Who Teach Science in Grades 6-12: Classroom Teachers, Department Heads, Science Specialists, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff,   and Administrators

  • Highly engaging techniques and tools to incorporate the Next GenerationScience Standards in your science instruction
  • Outstanding ideas for translating the Next Generation Science Standards into student-friendly language with clear pathways for successful learning
  • Powerful strategies to increase student retention of Next Generation Science Standards core ideas with mastery of scientific and engineering practices
  • Proven techniques to overcome the traditional “teach-test-forget” paradigm with a learning system that unlocks student motivation and significantly increases student achievement in science
  • Receive an extensive resource handbook and e-handbook filled with dozens of valuable strategies and tips to help your students master the Next Generation Science Standards


In this highly engaging, interactive NEW seminar, you will learn a wealth of effective ways to help your students master the rigorous science and engineering practices and disciplinary core ideas incorporated in the Next Generation Science Standards. Beginning with outstanding ideas for translating the new standards into student-friendly language, you will discover clear pathways for blending the Next Generation Science Standards into your current science instruction.

Throughout the day, Jeff Burgard, an experienced, national board certified science teacher, will show you how to replace the traditional “teach-test-forget” cycle with a dynamic system that fully empowers all students to maximize their learning of the new standards. You will receive a wealth of proven ideas to liberate students’ intrinsic motivation, enable them to monitor and document their own progress, and build a learning environment for mastering the essential skills and concepts include in the Next Generation Science Standards.

During this fast-paced seminar, the emphasis will be on practical strategies to incorporate the new science standards in your instruction in ways that fully involve students and increase their enthusiasm for learning. Come and discover the best, new ways to foster continuous improvement in your students’ mastery of the new standards ­– and see the significant difference it will make in their achievement in science!


  1. Discover the Key Components of Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards in Your Science Classroom

Learn from an enthusiastic secondary science educator and national presenter about the essential steps to integrate the new standards’ rigorous scientific and engineering practices in your current curriculum and instruction

  1. Translate the Next Generation Science Standards into Student-Friendly Language

Discover the all-important ways to bridge the gap between the language of the new standards and what students need to know … Practical tips for opening clear pathways for understanding

  1. Increase Student Motivation and Confidence in Learning Next Generation Science Standards

Nothing motivates students like accomplishment, especially when they succeed in learning challenging standards … Learn proven ways that fully involve students in seeing their own progress and significantly boost their achievement

  1. Eliminate the “Teach-Test-Forget” Cycle in Your Science Classroom

Discover highly effective ways to ensure that students learn and remember the Next Generation Science Standards you teach … Proven strategies that enable students to retain and build on their knowledge every day

  1. Make Your Class Time More Student Centered

Learn a variety of outstanding techniques to fully focus your students on learning the key concepts and skills of the Next Generation Science Standards … How to provide multiple opportunities for students to practice and master these new skills

  1. Significantly Improve Student Learning in Science

See how even the challenging new Next Generation Science Standards can be mastered by your students … Learn from a passionate science teacher how to implement a system he pioneered that works in a variety of science settings with consistently impressive results

  1. Capture and Keep Students’ Focus on Learning Science

Discover proven methods to increase your students’ awareness of their own learning – where they are where they need to go – in ways that enable them to master the new standards

  1. Utilize Innovative Methods to Make Learning Science a Team Effort

Use proven techniques for making every student’s learning important for class progress … See how even students who are reluctant to embrace science will accept the challenge to be part of the class team!

  1. Celebrate Student Success in Mastering the Next Generation Science Standards

Receive step-by-step techniques to ensure student involvement and improvement in learning science skills and concepts … See highly effective ways to make mastery of learning a key motivation for maximizing their achievement.