Essential Knowledge Resource



The Essential Knowledge Resource™ is an expansive collection of information created and designed to support the Knowledge Mastery™ discipline of GATEWAY TO MASTERY®. This resource provides essential knowledge required to build standards-based Knowledge Maps™ that, when optimized, align curriculum and support processes to improve student learning.

EKR™ Features

  • Web-based format allows easy point and click navigation along with Mac and PC compatibility
  • Available in single subject or complete formats
  • 257 lists comprised of nearly 16,300 essential knowledge statements
  • Essential knowledge from core subjects and electives
  • 21 maps of all parts of the globe
  • Easy copy and paste method allows easy creation of standards based Knowledge Maps, K-12, to satisfy nearly any state’s standards
  • 31 variations of student run charts and scatter diagrams for teachers in 9, 18 and 36 weeks formats for Learning Checks™ with 5 to 20 possible
  • Example Knowledge Maps™ from a variety of subject areas
  • Periodic updates as user needs expand
  • Password enabled licenses are available for schools and districts
  • Available in single subject versions for schools implementing Knowledge Mastery™ in only one curricular area

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This collection is not intended to be a complete list of everything there is to know about a particular subject area or a definitive list of the most important knowledge. It is a collection of information that can be expanded, contracted, combined or modified to suit each learning situation. The information was derived from a variety of texts, references, teachers and our personal teaching experience.

We look forward to your success and welcome any feedback regarding content, format and results. We will use your feedback to continually expand and improve this resource to meet your needs.


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